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We have 2 options for our tutors!

Option 1:

     Our tutors contact us via e-mail  or by phone in order for us to gather information about their experience and expertise along with their preferences for referrals (i.e. times and days available, grade level and subject area preferences, on-line/in-person tutoring preference, etc.).  We then contact our tutors with referral information once it becomes available.  Our tutors will schedule a meet and greet with the student and/or his/her family either in-person or on-line and sessions are scheduled thereafter!  Our tutor then receives $25/hr for sessions completed either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis according to tutor preference!

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Option 2:

     Some of our tutors would prefer to list their information and specific hourly rate on our ads page so parents can contact them directly!  Parents prefer this option when contact with the tutor needs to be instant!!!  We charge our tutors a monthly rate of $20 per zip code for an ad listing.  Private information is not listed thereby the parent/student may only contact our tutors via e-mail once they have viewed his/her grade level(s) and subject area preference(s) as well as preferred location to tutor.