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Ed U World Tutors, Inc.

Well, hello there!!! So glad we've had this chance to meet!  I hope you've enjoyed your visit to our site and I hope that you'll take with you the information that you will need to help you tackle that class that's troubling you in order to achieve that great grade or if you're a prospective tutor; we hope that our sight has uplifted you in hopes of enhancing your present income by enabling you the freedom to schedule tutoring sessions at your discretion and at a location/time that fits your busy schedule; and last, but not least, for you parents who work endlessly dedicating your time to push your children to be all that they can be, we offer a solution!  We are here to help and we are just a click are invited to reach us by phone, email or text.  We offer services that are convenient for you at a time and location you will feel comfortable and yet afford.  Our tutors are ready to help via in person or on-line.  Our team of educators and I welcome you to our website home as we know you will be thankful when you've invited us to yours and we will do our very best to make you feel comfortable and guide you to get the help you need to get wherever you are going... and then some!  Rome was not built in a day and your dream may seem impossible to complete, but we would welcome your request to help you to begin building a learning structure that will last a lifetime - education is the key to any door so... let's get this party started!!!  Let us know how we can be of help to you.  "Ed U World" is a service that offers educators who are truly committed and dedicated to helping you and as you make your dream a reality, please rest assured that we are there to guide you as you travel up the road to learning success!

 My Message to You:  "Our eyes are the windows to our soul;

                                     Our hands can express our inner thoughts;

                                     And our minds enable us to grow!"

                                     Get out there and be all you can be.....

                                     Your future is counting on it!!!

                                     We invite you to...

                                     Pick a tutor and start learning...

                                     Let's secure that future!!!

                                     NOW, Go Go Go!!! :)  :0  :)  :0  :)

 Natalie S. Alamdar - President of Ed U World Tutors, Inc.

Bachelor's in Animal & Veterinary Science - West Virginia University 1987

Master's in Ed. in Mathematics/Scientific Education - Johns Hopkins University  1992 

Master's in Educational Psychology - University of Central Florida  1996


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